Hello! My name is Taisiya

I am the founder and head teacher of the Linguistic Academy ByTais

Hello! My name is Taisiya

At ByTais, I offer a range of high-quality services designed to enhance your language skills and maximize your potential.

Information about me

  • Canadian education in English
  • 6 years of teaching experience

    China - Language school accredited by the University of Cambridge

    España - Centro de exámenes de Person English

  • Leading global qualifications for teachers: Cambridge CELTA and TESOL
  • Trying to learn English, but still lacking confidence ?

  • Struggling to hold a conversation on a topic you're an expert in ?

  • Missing important information when listening to someone speak ?

  • Or perhaps you can't land your dream job because you're afraid of interviews ?

  • Maybe you're a freelancer looking to expand your client base ?

Sound familiar ? Unfortunately, traditional teaching methods in schools and universities were designed for translating dead languages, and they don't build conversational skills.

My approach and methods will make English your strong suit. In just 4 weeks, you'll start seeing results and achieve some of the goals we'll set together in our first session.

Approach - Real communication, no cramming

My approach to teaching involves:

Utilizing the Cambridge communicative methodology to teach you how to communicate in a foreign language through relevant tasks and examples. The learning process is a model of the communication process

Implementing the Dogme method, which entails complete or partial abandonment of textbooks and technology in favor of real communication.

My mission

My mission is to provide the highest quality language education and help you increase your income through English proficiency.

How can I help you?

If you are an English language learner, I can assist you in achieving the following goals:


Enhance your language skills to a level of proficiency equivalent to C1-C2, and acquire native-like fluency.


Speak English fluently and confidently, and be able to conduct negotiations in English.


Prepare for and pass international language exams, and gain admission to the best universities in the USA, UK, Europe, and other countries.


Land your dream job or secure investments for your startup.

If you are an English language teacher, I can help you with the following:


Prepare for the leading international certification course CELTA.


Secure a highly paid teaching position abroad.


Improve the quality and value of your services.


Build effective working relationships with your students.

Upcoming courses

Business English B1
25€ per Hour

40 Lessons That Will Transform Your Life

Starting from October 2nd, 2023

Business English B2
25€ per Hour

40 Lessons That Will Transform Your Life

Starting from October 2nd, 2023

Clases individuales

General English
35€ per Hour

English lessons for those who want to communicate freely with native speakers and understand English speech.

Business English
50€ per Hour

English lessons for those who want to speak English fluently with their business partners and colleagues in international companies.

English for exams
50€ per Hour

Lessons for those who want to prepare for IELTS, FCE, CAE, and the exam letter.

All classes are conducted online, and Zoom is used for real-time communication.

For individual lessons:

First, we pick a date and time for our first lesson.

A couple of days before the first lesson, I'll set up a special account for you on my learning platform and send you a test to figure out your level. After our first lesson, I'll create a customized learning program just for you.

For group and pair lessons:

Before the classes begin, I'll create a personal account for you on my learning platform. Then, I'll send you a test to evaluate your level and match you with a group or partner who has a similar level.

I do not offer a free trial lesson as I am confident in the quality of my lessons and value my time. You can assess the quality of the lesson and see if it meets your expectations during the first full lesson (60 min), which is paid separately. If you are satisfied, payment for all subsequent lessons is made in advance for the month.

You pay for the first lesson separately and then pay for subsequent lessons in advance for the month. For group and pair lessons, you'll have a subscription that covers the entire duration of the course you've chosen.

If you are unable to attend a lesson, you must notify me 12 hours in advance. If there is no notification, the lesson is considered conducted and all lesson materials will be sent to you for practice. You have the option to reschedule 1 out of every 4 lessons. We will coordinate a mutually convenient time.

At the moment, English language lessons are only available for adults and teenagers over 15 years old.